Point et ligne sur un train de banlieue

Work, 28 March 2018

Point et ligne sur un train de banlieue

Point and line on a train

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« My works often speak to my relationship to my social environment, as well as my difficult negotiation with the mechanisms of the real. My interventions in the public space stage a character often maladjusted to the world, acting in an inadequate way. This difference in points of view on the nature of things leads me, for example, to walk against time in Le Sens de la marche (2002) or to read out my CV in the subway cars of the Parisian underground: Le Marché de l’emploi (2003). In the same spirit, I revisit the principles of formal composition of Kandinsky’s treatise Point and Line on Plane. If, in this treatise, the line is defined as the result of a force exerted on a certain direction by the artist on the medium, my intervention inverts its balance of power by choosing a moving medium: a commuter train. » Fayçal Baghriche

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