Artist, 18 July 2018

Mika Rottenberg
Passing through a tunnel

Investigation by Mathilde Roman


Faced by world divided between different spheres of domination and power, whose crushing complexity inspires withdrawal and submission, Mika Rottenberg places the experience of the individual body back at the heart of the creative process. Her pieces follow several axes: the Fordist work model, exploiting the body and its secretions—most specifically the female body—and opening doors and passageways between fractured realities that have been irrevocably torn apart by globalization. To enter her pieces or exhibitions is to cross a threshold, manifested in elements like doors, perforated rails, and corridors, producing a state of awareness where the spectator can observe the transition from one register of reality to another. These reflexive nodes are explored through highly vivid imageries where fiction is anchored in meticulous observation, inventing new narratives and relationships between spheres typically held separate by our globalized world.

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