Groupe d'immigrants

Exile, 13 February 2020

Groupe d'immigrants

« The Children are Doing Fine », Nathalie Quintane

by Éric Mangion


Autumn 2016: The Calais “Jungle” is demolished and Reception and Orientation Centers (“Centre d’Accueil et d’Orientation”—CAO) for refugee migrants are opened all over France. From the Head of State to his ministers, policy texts in the media, CAO staff and assistance networks, everyone has something to say about the refugees. Nathalie Quintane collects every word, phrase, statement, and fragments from official texts as material for her book Les enfants vont bien (The Children are Doing Fine). Upon reading, it has a radical effect. Page after dramatic page of a drowning humanity… To analyze the book, Switch (on Paper) proposes a text by Marie Fouquet published in the magazine En attendant Nadeau, December 9, 2009, followed by an exclusive interview with Nathalie Quintane, conducted in January 2020

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