Acoustic Cameras or the Great Unreal Film

Investigation by Arnaud Maguet


This thing is addictive, you should know. Recaps of the episodes so far:
An astronomical observatory on a mountain in the Canary Islands, the sky as blue as blue can be, in the distance a sea, also quite blue. The observatory is closed, but we, we observe it.
Elsewhere, but not later in time, nobody is doing laundry in Bordeaux.
The weather is gloomy on the Liguria coast. A speedboat races toward us, cutting a white groove through the waves, a building in the foreground is being refurbished. Altogether it looks nothing like the view of Nagoya in Japan, not at all.
Suddenly, at the same instant, an automated machine stacks cabinets full of books along a deep metallic trench, its orthonormal yellow limbs dive and slide, in and out. The scene is supposedly taking place in the library archives of the University of Michigan, one of those states united under the Star-Spangled Banner.
It seems to have little effect on the small doggies at the kennel, waiting for their masters, little old grannies who have left them this afternoon so they can go to the hair salon in peace, without having to constantly shout: “No butt-sniffing! Youki, leave that butt alone!”
Elsewhere, again, it is nighttime. I get the feeling it is often night, and still the small train cannot leave, surrounded as it is by machines that seem, at the very best, recently wedded—or maybe just a decoration.
It is snowing in various places. This occurs for meteorological reasons, and sometimes also for static ones.

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