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Investigation by Julien Sipra


The 2010s saw the bloom and expansion of a digital economy thanks to a universe of countless platforms like Wikipedia, Amazon, Mechanical Turk, Leboncoin, Airbnb, Uber, BlaBlaCar, etc. These diverse companies grew as mediators between clients and workers for the “gig economy”, represented by an array of avatars, of which bike-delivery names like Deliveroo, Foodora or UberEats are but a few examples. They shoot through the city; a bustling cavalry of wheels and colors whinnying along our sidewalks, galloping through the streets and resting bridled in our parking spaces. The landscape is known, however the bodies are not. What does it actually mean to be a bike courier? Who does it, when, where, how? And what does it mean to be remote controlled by your phone, living at the rate of an algorithm? What do these applications actually apply? An investigation to find out more, reporting from the field, pedals underfoot and smartphone in hand; reporting from the other side of the platform. An investigation as performance…

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