The Wealth in Art
Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre
talking to Catherine Millet 1/3

by Catherine Millet


Enrichissement, une critique de la marchandise is something of a milestone. For the first time it analyzes a sector of western economies that is often hidden and sometimes even taboo. The authors, Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre reveal the rich “resources” for capitalism represented by the luxury industries, heritage and art, which are often associated and sometimes confused. This nexus represents a major, decisive reorganization of capitalism within which art, including contemporary art, plays a major role. If, like me, you are naïve enough to believe that the “speculative bubble” of the art business is bound to burst one day, and that one day we’ll get back to “normal” prices, think again: this is going to last.

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