Patrizio Peterlini


Patrizio Peterlini is currently director of the Fondazione Bonotto. He has a degree in modern literature and clinical psychology and a Master of Advanced Studies in “Concept and Clinical Psychoanalysis” (with a thesis on psychoanalysis and contemporary art). He is a psychanalyst and professor of art psychology at the Academia anta Giulia de Brescia. From 2005 to 2010, he worked at the F. Conz Archives, where he organized the cataloguing of works and documents and supervised exhibitions and publications. His contributions have been published art catalogues and psychoanalytical reviews, such as:
Riviste d’arte d’avanguardia. L’esoeditoria in Italia negli anni 60 e 70″ (with Giorgio Maffei, 2005); Sarenco : le riviste, la lotta. Storia di un esploratore d’avanguardia (2006); Poesia visiva in Italia (with Achille Bonito Oliva, 2014); Fluxbooks. Fluxus Artist Books from the Luigi Bonotto Collection (with Giorgio Maffei, 2015); Arrigo Lora Totino. La parola come poesia segno suono gesto. 1962-1982 (avec Giorgio Maffei, 2015); Sense Sound / Sound Sense. Fluxus Music, Scores and Records in the Luigi Bonotto collection (with Walter Rovere and Giorgio Maffei, 2016). He directed films in collaboration with Piero Matarrese: La Perf En Fin. La recherche de Julien Blaine (2008) and Around Poetry #1 (2015).


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