María Luisa Grau Tello

María Luisa Grau Tello (born in 1983 in Spain) is a curator at IAACC Pablo Serrano, Saragossa. She has a PhD in Art History from Universidad de Zaragoza. Her researches have focused on public art and the development of mural painting in urban areas, paying special attention to the community murals that blossomed during the Spanish transition to democracy. She is a member of the Universidad de Zaragoza’s research group Observatorio Aragonés de Arte en la Esfera Pública (funded by Gobierno de Aragón with ERDF). She curated the exhibition Pablo Serrano. Retratista retratado [A Portrait Artist Portrayed] at IAACC Pablo Serrano in 2018-2020, and took part in the curation of Cielos Abiertos. Arte y procesos extractivos de la tierra [Open Skies. Art and Processes of Extracting from the Earth], at Centro de Arte y Naturaleza-CDAN, Huesca, in 2019-2020.

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